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Are you confused when it comes to Foam Mattresses?  We understand and would like to shed some light on the subject.  Below and on the other pages, we will describe in detail what to expect out of the different types of foam beds, bed toppers, and foam pillows.  We will help you understand the meaning of ILD, IFD, and how the pounds per cubic foot can help determine the foam quality.

An Overview
Foam mattresses and foam mattress toppers are available in a wide range of foam qualities and firmness. The idea of foam for mattresses and foam firmness makes for a large selection to choose from. Just to buy a foam mattress may seem confusing. Not to mention the many different names associated with the same foam types. To simplify which foam for a mattress is the right mattress foam and what is polyurethane. It is important to first judge the foam density of a mattress. Foam density is the weight of foam per cubic foot to measure mattress foam quality not foam firmness. Low weight urethane foam at 1.2 to 1.5 pounds per cubic foot is a cheap foam quality. Medium weight high density foam at 1.8 to 1.9 pounds per cubic foot is medium quality foam, and the heaver weight evlon foam at 2.0 to 2.2 pounds per cubic foot is good foam. Heavy high resilience foam at 2.5 to 3.0 pounds per cubic foot is excellent quality foam. Lastly very heavy memory foam at approximately 2.0 to 6.0 pounds per cubic foot can range from good foam to excellent foam. These are all polyurethane foam types where foam mattress weight determines foam quality comfort and longevity. Urethane foam is where you buy a foam mattress when looking for a reasonable priced foam mattress or foam mattress pad. Memory foam is pricy compared to other polyurethane foam mattresses. This puts the memory foam at the high end with the very heavy latex foam rubber at approximately 5.6 pounds per cubic foot. Latex foam rubber is the top of the line in excellence and is not polyurethane foam. Latex mattress foam is well placed in the foam industry due to the foam mattresses proven performance in maximum longevity and superior comfort.

Memory Foam Mattresses
Memory Foam MattressMemory foam is an excellent quality foam mattress that is heat sensitive and conforms to the shape of your body. The memory foam has a mushy feel with a slow return action that is softer in the sleep zone and firmer around the cooler areas. [read more]

Latex Mattresses
Latex rubber has proven itself over the decades to be one of the highest quality foam mattresses in comfort and longevity. Latex rubber has a bouncy feel with a fast return action. [read more]