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Memory Foam Mattresses
Memory Foam MattressMemory foam is an excellent quality foam mattress that is heat sensitive and conforms to the shape of your body. The memory foam has a mushy feel with a slow return action that is softer in the sleep zone and firmer around the cooler areas.
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Latex Mattresses
Latex MattressesLatex foam rubber has proven itself over the decades to be one of the highest quality foam mattresses in comfort and longevity. Latex foam rubber has a bouncy feel with a fast return action.
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High Resilience Mattresses
High Resilience MattressesHigh Resilience foam is an excellent quality foam mattress that can take heavy use and maintain its shape over a long period of time. The high resilience foam mattress has a springy feel with a fast return action.
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Evlon Mattresses
Evlon MattressesEvlon foam is a good quality foam mattress that pervades comfort and support for those that like a firmer foam mattress for a good nights sleep. The Evlon foam has a good return action and holds up over time.
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High Density Mattresses
High Density MattressesHigh Density foam is a medium quality foam mattress and is the most widely used foam mattress because of its price structure. The High Density foam has a medium return action and gets softer over time.
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Polyurethane Mattresses
Polyurethane MattressesPolyurethane foam is a low quality foam mattress knows as cheap foam with a slower return action than other foam mattresses. Polyurethane mattresses are primarily used as a temporary mattress for guests.
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Egg Crate Mattresses
Egg Crate MattressesThe cut design of egg crate foam mattresses are configured to provide high and low pressure points. The channeling through the base of the cones increases air flow.
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Foam Pillows
Foam PillowsLatex foam rubber pillows provide the highest quality and comfort with a foam-rubber base. Latex is high quality foam rubber that will last decades without losing its resilience and support.
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